Topics which engaged our followers the most.

As we come to end of the summer holidays and start thinking of the tasks which lie ahead of us, we thought it would be a good idea to look back and see what issues/topics were of the greatest interest to our followers. The topics which had the greatest views are listed below. We have only listed those topics which had 100 and over views.

The topic which had the greatest number of views was “What should the governors ask Heads to cover in their reports to the governing body?”

The other topics which were of interest to our followers are (listed in order of decreasing number of views).

Governors and the SDP; is it just rubber stamping?
What makes an effective Chair?
What is effective monitoring and the role of individual governors and the GB?
The role of the clerk.
What should governors be doing in the classroom?
How do you ensure and prove that your GB is having an impact?
How to recruit the “right” governor?
How and where to draw the line between strategic and operational matters?
Developing and embedding the school vision.
Data; how do you ensure it is accessible, appropriate and proportionate?
Parents; how do GB’s engage with them and respond to their concerns?
Successful strategies to enhance working relationships between Heads and Governing Bodies.
Has the stakeholder model had its day?
How to manage ineffective governors?
Would you like to see a mechanism for removal of ineffective governors and what could it be?
Academy conversion; go it alone or safer with others?

As you can see the topics which attracted the most views are those which have tackled the working of the governing body. This was very encouraging to see as it proves that our followers are determined to ensure that they and their governing bodies are effective.

We would like to read what you think of the above list? Are you surprised at the topics which had the most views? Would you have expected some other topics to be included in the list? Were you surprised at the topic which had the most views? Let us know what you think by commenting on this post.

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