The concept of chat groups is not unique, SLTchat and Ukedchat have been running hugely successful chat sessions for some time sharing many ideas and examples of good practice in regular weekly sessions.

UkGovChat was conceived as a thought, instantly tweeted early on a Sunday morning in March, that perhaps there may be a place for a governor chat on twitter.

Exactly a week later #UkGovChat was born, delivered to over 400 eager followers in a fast and furious chat encompassing “top tips” for new governors and the biggest challenges to effective governance.

By creating a home for governors on twitter we hope that we can come together regardless of location, experience or status to learn, share, challenge and support each other and improve the governance of all of our schools to the benefit of the children and young people we care for and about.

There has been some speculation on twitter as to who runs the @UkGovChat twitter account and this blog and whether there is a commercial interest. The idea of a GovChat was conceived by me (Jo Penn) @JaPenn56 and tweeted as a suggestion which was picked up by my good friend and wingman Naureen Khalid (@5N_Afzal) as well as Raj Unsworth, Ariana Yakas, Penny Rabiger and Ruth Agnew. A series of tweets and emails followed with Naureen setting up the twitter account and she and I setting up the blog and storify accounts. Ariana was too busy to continue her involvement beyond initial input, Ruth was off to Australia and following discussion it was felt that due to a possible perception of a conflict of interest Penny would also step away from any further direct involvement. This left Naureen and I running things with the help of Raj.

From the outset we agreed that we would not endorse any commercial interest and only link to items that are freely available to all without subscription. UkGovChat doesn’t have any agenda beyond providing a forum for school governors via social media. It does, however, have a dog!

We are delighted that the chat has been so well received and hope we can all go from strength to strength in developing our original aim.


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