Archived Storify Chats (Through Exquisite Tweets)

21st Jan 2018
As a governor how do you “know” how children are progressing in your school? Click here

14th Jan 2018
Governance Resolutions for 2018 Click here

10th Dec 2017
What are best practices in governor training? Click here

3rd Dec 2017
Should governing bodies comprise mainly of elected governors? Click here

27th Nov 2017
What role can governors play to solve the teacher retention problem? Click here

19th Nov 2017
Diversity on school governing bodies Click here

12th Nov 2017
Would education benefit from changes to inspection? Click here

5th Nov 2017
Teacher workload and GB responsibilities Click here

22nd Oct 2017
“Preparing” for Ofsted Click here

11th Oct 8th Oct 2017
#ukgovchat Special; Tony Breslin’s “Who governs our schools?” Click here

8th Oct 2017
How do we persuade governors to develop? Click here

1st Oct 2017
How should young people become governors and how can we attract them? Click here

24th Sept 2017
#UKGovChat with Dominic Herrington Click here

17th Sept 2017
What is the purpose of education? Click here

16th July 2017
Highlights of 2017 and hopes for the next year Click here

9th July 2017
Is governance at local level sustainable? Click here

2nd July 2017
As governors how can we ensure ALL children develop cultural capital and no one is left behind? Click here

25th June 2017
How can governors maximise income and reduce costs? Click here

18th June 2017
What are the GBs responsibilities as far as head wellbeing is concerned? Click here

11th June 2017
Pastoral care. #ukgovchat Special with @UKPastoralChat Click here

21st May 2017
Making a difference Click here

13th May 2017
What shoud governors of a MS look at/for before joining a MAT? Click here

7th May 2017
How can issues raised in the NAHT motion be constructively addressed? Click here

26th March 2017
How do governors ensure SEND gets the attention it deserves? Click here

19th March 2017
Do/should governors engage in/with research for professional development? Click here

12th March 2017
Where should governors’ individual priorities lie? Click here

5th March 2017
Financial challenges Click here

26th Feb 2017
Succession planning for governance; carefully considered or completely ignored? Click here

5th Feb 2017
Why did you become a governor? Does reality match what you thought? Click here

28th Jan 2017
What is GB’s role in supporting staff mental health wellbeing and work/life balance? Click here

22nd Jan 2017
Given MATs, LGBs, is there a future for governance as we know it? Click here

13th Jan 2016
In what way will your GB have to change its practice following the new Gov handbook and the competency framework? Click here

15th Dec 2016
@Ofstednews special: How can we all help ensure that GBs have the expertise they need? Click here

11th Dec 2016
All chairs will have preferred leadership styles. What do these mean for head/chair relation? Click here

4th Dec 2016
Do GBs try and do too much? Can we work smarter, not harder? Click here

27th Nov 2016
What are the Hallmarks of an Effective Governor Monitoring Visit? Click here

20th Nov 2016
How can we make our boards more diverse? Click here

13th Nov 2016
Governors Have Done Nothing To Stop Education Cuts And Low Morale Click here

5th Nov 2016
How can a GB ensure Related Party Transactions (RPTs) are in the Trust’s best interest? Click here

16th Oct 2016
Governance self review Click here

9th Oct 2016
Parent Governors – Which Hat at the Board? Click here

2nd Oct 2016
Engaging teachers: Governors’ role in teacher recruitment and retention Click here

25th Sept 2016
How Do Governors Ensure, And Know, We Are Challenging Our Most Able Children? Click here

18th Sept 2016
With reduced CPD budgets, how can we ensure we continuously develop our skills? Click here

17th July 2016
What do we think Justine Greening’s 1st priority should be regarding school governance? Click here

10th July 2016
Executive Headteachers
Do you have one? Do you want one? Do you need one? Click here

3rd July 2016
How can governors engage effectively with school support staff? Click here

26th June 2016
What if we vote to leave the DfE? Click here

19th June 2016
How are Governors and Parents Coping With Life After Levels? Click here

12th June 2016
OFSTED – Just An Extension Of Governance? Click here

5th June 2016
Supporting headteacher wellbeing Click here

22nd May 2016
How Will The Role Of The Governor Change? What Will Be Different Under A Universal Academy System? Click here

15th May 2016
Complaints are confidential, so how do we ensure lessons have been learnt by school? Click here

8th May 2016
Governors and Safeguarding Click here

24th April 2016
Using research in schools & governance Click here

1st May 2016
What are the “core skills & knowledge” needed for governance in different contexts? Click here

17th April 2016
Motivations for governance Click here

20th March 2016
From a governor’s perspective, who were the biggest winners/losers after the Budget/White Paper this week? Click here

13th March 2016
What are thye pros and cons of academy conversion? Click here

6th March 2016
What are the best ways of engaging parents/community? Click here

28th Feb 2016
Can you be a chair and also have a social life/family/hobbies/full time job? Click here

7th Feb 2016 Peter Crow Special (From New Zealand)
How can NED/governors ensure they stay strategic? Click here

31st Jan 2016
How can we celebrate success in our schools? Click here

24th Jan 2016
How can governors consult more effectively with stake holders? Click here

17th Jan 2016
What is the role of governors/GB in complaint procedures? Click here

20th Dec 2015
Santa Special Click here

13th Dec 2015
Good governance needs good clerking, but what is good clerking? Click here

6th Dec 2015
School partnerships and collaboration Click here

29th Nov 2015
How to encourage a reluctant head to work with governors? Click here

22nd Nov 2015
What can GBs do to support staff and student wellbeing? Click here

15th Nov 2015
Should governor performamce be assessed and if yes, how? Click here

8th Nov 2015 Wellcome Trust Special
What questions should governors be asking and how can we support them? Click here

11th Oct 2015
Too male, old, white, Christian, and middle class? Click here

3rd Oct 2015
How can governing bodies ensure that suitably qualified candidates get headteacher posts? Click here

26th Sept 2015
Special; schools; do governors need anything “extra”? If yes, what? Click here

20th Sept 2015
How are GBs preparing for the implementation and monitoring of Prevent? Click here

13th Sept 2015
What are the “must knows” for governors? Click here

6th Sept 2015
Advice for new chairs Click here

12th July 2015
The highs and highs of your governing year Click here

5th July 2015
Is the stakeholder model on its way out? Click here

28th June 2015
Falling budgets, raising costs. How long can we continue to deliver more for less? Click here

21st June 2015
How Will New Ofsted Inspection Framework Impact Governor Responsibilities & Importance of Their Role? Click here

14th June 2015
a) What is the GBs responsibility as far as Health and Safety is concerned? Click here
b) What are your hopes for the newly announced Foundation for Leadership in Education? Click here

7th June 2015
What is your school doing about the DfE challenge of ‘character education’? Click here

24th May 2015
What is a coasting school? Click here

17th May 2015 Ofsted Special with Sean Harford
What will inspection of governance look like under the new framework?
Click here

10th May 2015
Your hopes and fears for the next five years Click here

3rd May 2015
What makes a good school governor? Click here

26th April 2015
Why, how and where should GBs collaborate? Click here

22nd March 2015
Free resources for governors Click here

15th March 2015
How do governors create/embed strategy, vision and ethos for their school? Click here

8th March 2015
How different is MAT governance and what help do MAT governors need? Click here

1st March 2015
What can we add from a governor’ perspective to the @HeadsRoundtable manifesto? Click here

15th Feb 2015
Disqualification by association; what do governors need to know? Click here

8th February 2015
Monitoring and promoting SMSC and British values Click here

1st February 2015
Governors create Education Manifesto! Click here

25th January 2015
Should a Gb be accountable or transparent or both? Click here

18th January 2015
What does being strategic realyy mean? Click here

11th January 2015
What are your new Year Resolutions to make governance better ibn 2015? Click here

14th December 2014
What are you wishing for your GB this Christmas? Click here

7th December 2014
“Dear Bob” Agony dog special Click here

30th November 2014
What questions should we ask SLT? Click here

23rd November 2014
Reconstitution; what changes have there been and what has been the effect of these changes? Click here

16th November 2014
Come April what would you like the Secretary of State to do specifically affecting governance? Click here

2nd November 2014
a) How can governors measure SMSC? Click here
b) What do governors want from Ofsted? Click here

19th October 2014
a) How can governors support schools in raising attendance? Click here
b) How prepared are you as a governor for assesment without levels? Click here

12th October 2014 NCTL special!
a) What is involved in the NLG role? Click here
b) How can an NLG support you in your school? Click here

5th October 2014
How do you make sure your committees are fit for purpose and if not, how to restructure? Click here
b) How do you know your school contributes to SMSC development? Click here

28th September 2014
a)How is the governing body ensuring that the school is promoting British Values? Click here
b) What can the GB do to support robust assessment systems for September 2015? Click here

21st Sept 2014
a) Is reconstitution an opportunity to locally balance vacancies, redeploying good governors to school that need them? Click here
b) How does your school collaborate with others and how do governors contribute to this? Click here

14th Sept 2014. Ofsted special!
a) What are the key questions Ofsted should ask governors? Click here
b) How should good and outstanding schools be inspected? Click here

7th Sept 2014
a) What do governors do in the summer holidays: revise, research or recharge? Click here
b) How often do you feel out of depth as a governor? Click here

6th July 2014
a) Schools using social media to connect with the community; pros and cons. Click here
b) Mandatory training; what should be covered and how would you monitor and evaluate its effectiveness? Click here

13th July 2014
a) What do governors still want and need from their LA services? Click here
b) Being strategic; what does it actually mean in practice? Click here

29th June 2014
a) (Why) is social and cultural diversity important to a GB? Click here
b) Should an Annual Governors’ Report to parents be compulsory? Click here

22nd June 2014
a) Collaborations between GB’s: advantages and mechanisms. Click here
b) What guidance would you governors thinking of starting learning walks? Click here

15th June 2014
a) How to get representative, skilled, objective governors? Click here
b) What support should we give chairs of governors? Click here

8th June 2014
a) “Dear Bob” UKGovChat agony dog session. Click here

25th May 2014
a) Should Gb’s do a honest annual review of their impact? Click here
b) How important is succession planning for CoG?VC? Any tips? Click here

18th May 2014: UKGovChat Special!
How to recruit good governors? Click here

4th May 2014
a) Why are we seeing so many governing bodies being criticised in Ofsted reports? Click here
b) RI; a damning indictment or an incentive to improve? Click here

27th April 2014
a) How do you make it clear that parent governors are representative parents not parent representatives? Click here

6th April 2014
a) How can we reach out to prospective, younger governors? Click here
b) How long is too long? Should there be a maximum term of office for a Chair? Click here

30th March 2014
a) Light touch inspections and do schools need governors? Click here

23rd March 2014
a) How would you go about defining the governing body’s vision for your school? Click here
b) How do governors encourage engagement with children and help them understand our role? Click here

16th March 2014
a) What can existing governors do to help recruit new governors? Click here
b) Is it important to have an independent and professional clerk and where do you find one? Click here

9th March 2014
a) Are governors ready for September’s introduction of UFSM? Click here
b) What elements should mandatory governor training contain? Click here

2nd March 2014
a) Being a critical friend versus holding them to account. Click here
b) What skills should a balanced GB have? Click here

16th Feb 2014
a) How can you make the most of GB meetings? Click here
b) How to deal with disruptive governors? Click here

9th Feb 2014
a) What role can the GB play to raise the profile and quality of careers advice? Click here
b) How do we know we know we are making a difference? Click here

2nd Feb 2014
a)How can you effectively monitor your school if Ofsted keep moving the goal posts? Click here
b) How is your GB monitoring the use of PP? Click here

26th Jan 2014
a) How can you change the culture of the GB for the better? Click here
b) Have you conducted a GB self review? If yes, why and how? Click here

19th Jan 2014
a) What are the hallmarks of an effective monitoring visit? Click here
b) How can you really measure the impact of the governing body? Click here

12th Jan 2014
a) What undertaking will you make to improve your governance? Click here
b) Would licensing teachers and regulation improve the quality of T&L? Click here

15th Dec 2013
a) What would be at the top of your governor latter to Santa? Click here
b) What is the best question you have used for headteacher recruitment? Click here

8th Dec 2013
a) What are the core values a governor/governing body should have? Click here
b) Do governing bodies need a regulatory body? Click here

1st Dec 2013
a) What is the role of the governing body as far as school policies are concerned? Click here
b) Should the Chair of Governors socialise with the Head in a non-school context? Click here

24th Nov 2013
a) Ofsted now look at governance as part of L&M. Is this better than a separate judgment as happened in the past? Click here
b) What is the role of the VC, other than standing in for the Chair? Click here

10th Nov 2013
a) Should governors be paid? Click here
b) What is meant by GB accountability? Click here

3rd Nov 2013
a) How do we encourage the “right” governors to continue serving on the governing body? Click here
b) External review of governance. When, why, how and by whom? Click here

27th Oct 2013
a) What questions would you ask candidates when recruiting a new head? Click here
b) What does an outstanding governing body look and feel like? Click here

20th Oct 2013
a) How should governig bodies be accountable to local communities? Click here
b) Academy conversion: Go it alone or safer with others? Click here

13th Oct 2013
a) Impact of UkGovChat. What difference has it made to you as a governor? Click here
b) Do you agree governors should be identified in minutes? Click here

6th Oct 2013
a) What level of engagement should governors have with school finances? Click here
b) Governors and DBS checks. Good idea or waste of money? Click here

29th Sept 2013
a) How do you organise induction for new governors? Click here
b) What are the pros and cons of a virtual Governing Body meeting? Click here

22nd Sept 2013
a) Should a Chair of Governors be part of SLT? Click here
b) How do you handle an authoritarian Head who likes to manipulate the GB? Click here

15th Sept 2013
a) Do governors have/need support mechanisms when conflicts arise with the GB? Click here
b) How should Chair of Governors be nominated/elected in an ideal world? Click here

21st July 2013
a) Accountability. Who is answerable to whom? Click here
b) Governors and SDP; is it just rubber stamping? Click here

14th July 2013
a) Would you like to see a mechanism for removal of ineffective governors and what could it be? Click here
b) What type of training would you like Heads to undertake in order to work well with their governing bodies? Click here

7th July 2013
a) Are there particular challenges specific challenges particular to staff governors and how to overcome them? Click here
b) Developing and embedding the school vision. Click here

30th June 2013
a) How to manage ineffective governors? Click here
b) How can we embed requirement for trained governors without legislation? Click here

23rd June 2013
a) How do we demonstrate the impact of the Governing Body? Click here
b) How can Governing Bodies work in partnership with other Governing Bodies? Click here

16th June 2013
a) Governing in the digital age Click here
b) Performance management of the Headteacher Click here

9th June 2013
a) Which committee structure is best for effective governance? Click here
b) Ofsted; friend or foe? Click here

2nd June 2013
a) What should the relationship between the Head and the Governing Body be like? Click here
b) How to go about recruiting the “right” governor? Click here

26th May 2013
a) What should governors be doing in the class room? Click here
b) How does the role of the governing body differ in Academies? Click here

19th May 2013
a) Engaging the whole Governing Body Click here
b) Performance related pay Click here

12th May 2013
a) What are the main issues facing Governing Bodies? Click here
b) Ofsted expectations of Governing Bodies; what evidence is expected? Click here

5th May 2013
a) Has the stakeholder model had its day? Click here
b) How do you ensure and prove that your GB is having am impact? Click here

28th April 2013
a) What is effective monitoring and the role of individual governors/governing body in monitoring? Click here
b) Role of the Vice Chair Click here

21st April 2013
a) What are the qualities which define an effective Chair? Click here
b) What should the governors ask the Heads to cover in their reports to the Governing Body? Click here

14th April 2013:
a) The role of the Clerk. Click here
b) How and where to draw the line between strategic and operational matters? Click here

7th April 2013:
a) Parents: How can a GB engage them and respond to their concerns? Click here
b) Should there be a probationary period for new governors and mandatory training? Click here

24th March 2013:
a) What makes a Governing Body meeting effective? Click here
b) Successful strategies to enhance relationships between Heads and Governing Bodies Click here

17th March 2013:
a) Data; how do you ensure it is accessible, appropriate and proportionate? Click here
b) How does your governing body self evaluate and what benefits have you seen? Click here

10th March 2013:
a) What is your top tip for a new governor? Click here
b) What is the greatest challenge to good governance? Click here