Governance In The News

The Graduate Governors: The Guardian talks to young people asking them what they got out of joining governing bodies. 7th April 2009

Shropshire Star writes about the important role played by school governors. 20th Jan 2014

Estelle Morris talks about the importance of training for governors in an article for the Guardian in which she proposes three ways to invigorate governance. (25th March 2014)

Governors under the Spotlight published in EdExec (21st Jan 2014) talks about the responsibilities of governing bodies.

Sec Ed Editor Peter Henshaw writes about his frustration with people’s ignorance of the important role played by school governors (16th Jan 2014) .

This BBC article (13th Jan 2014) talks about the the DfE expectation that governing bodies will act more like corporate boards.

Outstanding school governance: taking boards to the next level This was published in The Guardian 17th Dec 2013. The article reports the roundtable discussion on how to ensure good governance and how to attract the “right” kind of people to join governing bodies.

On 17th Dec 2013 Holly Welham hosted a live chat on The future of School Governance. The panel included Emma Knights, Andy Kent, Ruth Agnew, Fergal Roche, Rob Wall, Chris James, Oliver Kean and Clare Collins.

There has been a lot of discussion about why there are so many vacancies on governing boards. The first article I read was published in The Telegraph. Neil Yates ( tweeted about another article on the same topic which was published in Lancashire Telegraph.


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