How To …..?

How to Storify? A Guide

Go to Storify and click on Login.


Log on using the ukgovchat email and password provided to you.

Click on Create Story

Click on Twitter

Put #ukgovchat in the Search Box and uncheck the Retweets box.

Tweets which have this hashtag will appear in the right hand column. Click and drag the tweet you want and drop in into the left hand column

You can add text too in order to tie tweets together. Continue doing this till the story is finished. Click Save and Publish. You will be asked if you would like to notify people who have been quoted. Select all and they will be notified. You will have the option to share the story. Select the share via Twitter option which will tweet the link to the story.

Things to remember:
1. Please do not include any tweets which mention resources behind pay walls. Tweets which include free for all resources can be included.
2. Please do not include tweets which advertise or promote organisations, companies etc.
3. The link to the Storify account is on the blog. All stories will be accessible via the blog. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that this account is used only for the UKGovChat sessions.
4. The drafts can be saved and stories can be published any time between Sunday and Tuesday.
5. Storify can be temperamental. We have known it to crash and refuse to behave! If that happens, walk away before you get the urge to kick your computer! As I said above, stories don’t have to be published on Sunday. The problems are usually gone by the next day.


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